Straw in the shape of insulation

The blow in technology is a very common way to insulate a component fast and without gaps.  Due to an airflow the fibres are put into the component fast and secure using a defined pressure. The technology is useful for all kinds of components. ISO-straw is currently the only approved blow-in insulated based on wheat straw in the whole world.

The idea is also simple at first: We shred straw and blow it in. That´s all about the theory. But in reality, there are many problems: It´s hrd to shred straw, especially if you desire a specific length and unity. But this is important to create a "flow" when the material is blown. If the differences in the fibre texture are too big, you might need an additional blow in machine to reach the desired density, or the straw could get stuck. Additionally, there´s the danger of the strong and permanent settlement of particles in the components. Thankfully, we have years of experience with straw and together with an innovation spirit and the machine technical know how of the DPM-group as well as ISTRAW we were able to overcome those problems and to acquire an European technical approval. 

Currently we are working on different international research projects, in order to increase the applications of ISO-straw in the building industry and to become a more international company.

Innovative. Natural. Approved.
ETA - 17/0559

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