The history of straw as building material


Made from desperation: The first straw bale houses.
With the invention of the straw bale press, people in Nebraska started to use straw bales as building blocks, in order to build simple camps and houses for the farm workers, since Nebraska was poor in wood..


The first straw bale houses in Europe
With the end of world war one, resources were few and people started to use straw bales again as a building material. Especially in France and England, many houses were build from straw bales and straw panels around this time. One of them is the famous Maison Feuilette, which is one of the oldest straw houses in Europe. It was build in 1921 and people still live there to this day.


S-House by GRaT in Austria - Böheimkirchen. 
With the goal to build a house which needs less resources by a factor of 10 during it´s construction, the S-house was built on the basis of straw. A flagship project, which can be found in many books about ecology and sustainability nowadays. The architect Jörg Scheicher, together with the group of adapted technologies (GRaT) is seen as the top of ecological building in Austria.


5-storey straw bale building in Verden at the Aller
In 2015 there was the first 5 storey building built with straw insulation in Verdan at the Aller. The architects Dirk Scharmer and Thomas Isselhard were able to proof, that modern fire protection and straw as building material don´t have to exclude each other.


The European technological approval of the highly dust extracted blow-in insulation ISO-straw got straw on a new level in terms of economic efficiency and safety. A European technical approval broadens the application areas in the building industry significantly, and it simultaneously creates an important contribution to the living space ecology, environmental protection and the permanent binding 2of CO2

The future

Production centres everywhere in Europe
The ISO-straw production unit was made from the start to be compact and an almost maintenance free solution. It is since the middle of 2018 it is available to potential production partners Deu to a Europe wide production network, we hope to realize a regional supply with ISO-straw in the future.

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